Stock Counting

Using our experienced stocktake specialists and versatile software systems, we can provide an independent and bespoke inventory/stocktake service to record your assets across a multitude of industry sectors.

Count My Stock brings 25 years of expertise in the inventory business to our operations based in the South East of England. Consequently you can be confident about the rigour and efficiency of our service delivered by our highly trained stocktakers.

We deal directly with business and commercial property owners and partner with commercial agents, property management companies and consultancies, estate managers, auditors, accountants, corporate finance houses, insurance companies and insolvency practitioners.


Count My Stock independent retail stocktakes are bespoke to your requirements. We can even train you on our systems so you can conduct your own stocktake.

Additional service features include:


Bespoke commercial stocktakes reports of physical assets.

We conduct commercial inventories for almost any type of industry. These include commercial property, retail, service sector, hospitality, corporate finance and industrial. The invaluable data we collect can be used for many purposes including; commercial property transactions, stock reconciliation, insolvency and business valuations.

Our particular expertise is in counting and grading the condition of fixed assets and take a bespoke approach to meet the needs of individual clients


We are regularly entrusted with keys to multi-million pound premises and their contents to complete our services.

This simple fact alone highlights how important it is to have a strong business and personal relationship with your stock services company. Likewise, performing a commercial inventory entails a high level of trust when handling expensive and sensitive goods.

Handling assets at your premises, maintaining rapport with all parties, whilst remaining impartial is just part of the role of an experienced Inventory specialist. The trust you put into our hands is a responsibility we truly embrace and value.


We fully understand the time constraints and stresses that your business can be under to deliver on time.

When arranging a stocktake for example, we appreciate that in some instances it can only be conducted out of working hours, evenings or weekends. We will always aim to complete the task with minimum disruption to you and your staff.

Our unique booking systems has been designed to keep all parties updated via emails and shared calendars. This enables us to liaise with parties to co-ordinate the process on your behalf.

At Count My Stock we appreciate that things can change even at the 11th hour but we have the resources to adapt.

Consistency and Quality

We maintain consistency and quality through proven processes, systems and great people.

Your stocktake specialist is your direct contact, whenever needed. The management team ensure that all our specialists are updated via internal training or externally through our governing bodies courses to maintain exceptional consistency and clarity in an industry that demands such integrity.

Accuracy and Asset Quality

We conduct commercial stocktakes with particular expertise in counting and grading the condition of stock and assets.

Our Count & Condition service delivers time and cost benefits to clients through highly trained clerks who utilise systems and technology which can be tailored to meet client needs.

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