Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do retail stocktaking?

Yes we do with the exception of perishable items. This can be a one-off, if for example you have a new range of your product the day it arrives in your shop or a weekly bar stock take at a hotel or restaurant.

Who needs a commercial inventory?

The simple answer is - absolutely anyone who has a commercial property or business that need their assets, fixtures and fittings recorded. This could be for many different reasons, for example at the start of a tenancy, for accounting/auditing purposes, if you are buying or selling a business or just to record your assets at regular intervals. Some of the main reasons to outsource this service is that we are INDEPENDENT so we are impartial when producing reports, saves you and your staff's TIME to continue running the business and are systems are BESPOKE and adaptable to your requirements.

How often do they need to be compiled?

This is entirely down to your requirements. You may need a one-off asset report when you are purchasing, renting or selling an office or restaurant with furniture/stock included in the lease or sale. You may need a regular breakdown of your assets that are recorded by us to provide an INDEPENDENT report.

What is 'Count and Condition'?

This is our unique service we have developed through many years of experience within the industry that is a hybrid of a traditional residential inventory and a stocktake. For example, if you have rented or purchased a restaurant our experienced Clerk can record fixed areas ( walls, windows, flooring etc) for condition reporting to allow for future wear and tear, plus condition reports on stock items ( tables, appliances etc) that can be created to allow for depreciation and auditing.This service is completely bespoke to your requirements, a one-off of regular service that is INDEPENDENT, meaning you have detailed reporting for accountants, auditors or potential buyers or leasors.

How much will it cost?

Every job is different so it's difficult to say. We operate a simple day rate plus travel expenses model so you can plan your budgets.

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